Elden Ring Fans: Whats New?, Release Date And More !

Elden Ring is the next and one of the best projects from the FromSoftware. The game has a huge fan base. There is no such confirmed release date out yet. Estimates tell us that the game might be out in early 2021. The development of the game is still in progress, but the ultimate fun is promised. What we already know is that we are in for a lot of fun, mystery and death.

The game is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Xbox one. The music of the game is composed by the very famous composer in the production, Yuka Kitamura. She recently confirmed this with a social media post. The current pandemic has caused a delay and we have been left with nothing after E3 2020. It is possible that we might hear about the release soon. Alongside the E3 announcement, there was also a trailer reveal to mark the opening. It isn’t very informative though. The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay.


It is a third-person action game RPG in a fantasy setting and is heavily inspired by dark souls. The Japanese game creator took a little help from the game of thrones write, George RR Martin. The writer was responsible for developing the game’s mystical and mysterious elements, and also the characters.

Miyazaki explains that the title” The Elden Ring” is all about a mysterious concept describing the game world. The game director also hinted that the world is currently being destroyed either by something or someone. The game in itself has a huge fan base.

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It is said that the game would be very hard and we should expect a difficult combo and boss fights. The game, as said, is going to create more active players for the game. The players are allowed to choose their custom characters instead of playing as a fixed protagonist. The game also has some modern technique used, like horseback riding and combat for creating an open-world gaming experience for the users. The director promises an amazing user experience. It is known that the game will only have a single-player mode.

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