Tom Cruise Seen doing this DEATH defying stunts for Mission Impossible 7

Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise is renowned for performing super dangerous stunts in his amazing movies. Right now, he is filming for his latest movie Mission Impossible 7. It was put to a stop earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though now the filming has resumed.

The extraordinary stunts in the MI franchise

The remarkable and insane stunts pulled off in every MI movie, never fails to keep us at the edge of our seats. It gets our hearts racing and excited for the next move. In the previous Mission Impossible movies, Cruise pulled off some spellbinding stunts with the fanciest of vehicles like the BMW S 1000 RR. Similarly, the seventh movie will also feature these enthralling feats and it is currently being filmed in Norway.

Well, it seems that he pulled off those insane stunts yet again.

A crazy stunt video by Tom Cruise leaked

Recently a video from the sets of Mission Impossible 7 has been leaked. It highlights a man, which is most probably Tom Cruise himself, doing a really risky motorcycle stunt from a tall ramp. It immediately went viral on social media and it is all over the internet.

The video clip features a man riding off the motorbike and falling from the cliff, then opens up his parachute and glides down to the ground. This crazy video was capture by NGTV a Norwegian media company and was shared on Twitter. The stunt location is at the Norwegian fjords of Hurtigruten.

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Christopher McQuarrie the director, shared a picture of an enormous ramp in the mid of the snowy mountain peaks. He captioned the picture, “Action… #MI7 Day 1”

Also in an interview in February 2020 the director said that the film will comprise of obscene stunts “which will make helicopter chase (in MI- Fallout) look like tinker toys.”

This crazy death-defying is one of the most courageous and intrepid feats by Tom Cruise.

According to some sources, Tom Cruise was seen performing a huge ramp leap in Oxfordshire in the UK. So, it is possible that this Norwegian cliff jump might be a continuation to the former one.

The release date

Apparently, Tom Cruise has hired a £50,000 cruise ship for the cast and crew in an eager attempt to avoid further delays and to get the shooting wrapped up.

The plot of Mission Impossible 7 is still not known. However, it will feature Tom Cruise together with Rebecca Ferguson, Nicholas Hoult, Simon Pegg and more.

The movie is set to be released on the 21st of February next year.

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