The Flash Movie: DC wants Nicolas Cage, Christian Bale & George Clooney to Join the Film


Well well well! Batman Day did bring us a lot of joy. And some HUGE announcements as well. It has been confirmed by Fandom Wire that DC is set to feature some big names in Hollywood for The Flash movie.

What we know so far is that the film will bring back Tim Burton’s Keaton and the DCEU’s Affleck to the film. But the producers do have much more happening behind the scenes.

Worlds of Batman

As per sources, the movie will follow the comics Flashpoint plotline. Yes, Barry is going back to stop a specific event. But in doing so, he messes up the timeline. As he goes back to try and find his regular world, he comes across many new ones. This opens up some great doors for creative movie-makers.

Word has spread that producers want him to stop quickly into Nolan’s Gotham City. But Batman is technically ‘Dead’ in that timeline. So Barry might see a newspaper explaining Batman is dead. The producers do realize that it could be impossible, but they are very keen to get Bale to show up.

Other Batman worlds are Val Kilmer and George Clooney’s, both of which are also being approached. Kilmer was scheduled to do a DC panel, so he seems more likely to agree to something over Clooney. Chris O’Donnell from Batman and Robin and Batman Forever is also being approached to reprise his Robin.

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Sources also hint that Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen from The Flash could also show up.




But the biggest surprise cameo being considered is yet to be talked about. HUGE SPOILER ALERT. Look away if you want the best experience!


Sources have nearly confirmed that they are also approaching Nicholas Cage to briefly portray Tim Burton’s version of the Superman. To make this cameo even cooler one, Cage wouldn’t just be a cameo from another world. Instead, he would portray the Superman in Michael Keaton’s world where a bulk of the film will apparently be set in. DC is giving the fans what they never thought could be possible!

Nicholas Cage is a huge Superman fan. Giving him a chance to portray this character would be a good nod to both him and Burton.

What else do you think DC can do to have a mega-blockbuster? Comment down below your suggestions!

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