The Croods 2 Trailer Reveal 2021 Release Date for the Sequel

The Croods 2: A New Age has finally released its first trailer. This one gives fans a first look at the franchise’s new characters. The two newcomers are Kelly Marie and Peter Dinklage.

The animated sequel follows the titular family as they go off in search of a safer place to call home. The original cast reprises their roles. They include Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage and Emma Stone

The gang is lucky to find a walled-in paradise-like place. But the problem is that the Betterman’s have already set up their camp there.

the croods 2 a new age – official trailer universal pictures

The Betterman’s seem to trump the Croods in every way. Be it farming and treehouse building to prehistoric beastie evading.

The Betterman’s take the Croods in as their first guests. But the tensions rise between the cave people and the modern family.

In the movie, Dinklage voices Betterman clan patriarch, Phil. Further, Leslie Mann brings his partner Hope to life. Finally, Tran portrays Phil and Hope’s daughter, Dawn.

The film is directed by Joel Crawford, while Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman, and Catherine Keener, who all featured in the 2013 original, round out the cast.

the croods 2 a new age – official trailer universal pictures

Yesterday, Universal Pictures announced that the movie has been preponed by a month. So instead of landing in cinemas on December 23, it will now be shown from November 25.

Furthermore, UK fans will have to wait considerably longer to see what Eep, Grug and co have been up to. The release date over there remains February 5, 2021, for now.

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