Lili Reinhart Might NOT Return For Season 5 Because Of Ex Cole Sprouse

Here are some bad news and some good news for all the Riverdale fans. Get ready for yet another season of madness and craze, as the drama series was given an early renewal in January. Season 5 is officially happening. The news doesn’t end here, apparently, some sources say that fans might not see Lili Reinhart in the next season due to her ups and downs with ex Cole Sprouse. But there are no confirmations as of yet.

Riverdale is one of the most popular American drama teen series on Netflix. The characters are based on the very famous Archie comics. Over the years, Riverdale has successfully created its own huge fan base. The show had to put a full stop on shooting due to the health and safety concerns of the production. It was stopped mid March, leaving 3 episodes of season 4. As of now, sources confirm that the production is in Vancouver for shooting the fifth season. The next season will start from the 3 episodes that were left.


The actors say that there might be a little twist in the next season, things won’t be the very same around there.They say that work will begin as soon as they are done with the leftover episodes. The next season will show a seven year leap, meaning the characters will no longer be teenagers.

The actors confirmed that the huge change will be further discussed on the Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. They all seem to be very excited about the show and to get back on routine. Obviously a little nervous keeping the current scenario in mind.

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Earlier this week, in an interview with lily, it was confirmed that they (Cole Sprouse) had split in march.


There is no confirmed release date as of now. Estimates say that the show might return in January 2021. As usual, the show will air on the CW on Wednesday night in the us will be Netflix the next day( Thursday) for everyone in the UK or internationally.

The official cast for the next season is yet to be announced, but it seems the show will feature the core cast except for Lili Reinhart, it seems a little dicey.

They are also unsure about the return of Skeet Ulrich, who played FP Jones (Jughead’s father) until now. In an Instagram Q&A, skeet explained why would he leave the show. He says some “other creative opportunities” might be awaiting him. Marisol Nichols, played by Veronica’s mother, has also left the show.

At this stage, plot details are still hidden but Aguirre- Sacasa promises a lot of fun. She also says that the missing prom scene will be there in the next season. Leaving is an inevitable part of life. There’s still a lot left to unfold.

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