Daniel LaRusso vs Johnny Lawrence: Who is the Real Villian of Cobra Kai Season 3 Release Date and More

Cobra Kai being one of the favourites for many fans over the years has evolved. The Karate kids franchise has been successful to keep its legacy among the fans. The credit for keeping the Legacy of Karate Kid franchise within the popular culture goes to Cobra Kai. The characters have been preserved in the Cobra Kai and they have remained true in front of the viewers. Also, the show has not been shied away from bringing out the questions which were in the minds of fans for a long time. one such question inside the minds of fans is who is going to be the actual villain.

Cobra Kai Stars Finally Breakdown Who The Real Karate Kid Villain Is - CINEMABLEND

Possible theories:

Whether it will be Johnny Lawrence or Daniel LaRusso. While the answer to this question awaits, some franchise stars have come ahead with their thoughts on this topic. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka recently had a special conversation with Netflix. The 2 Cobra Kai crew members made a sheer attempt to recognize the actual villain of the series. In the conversations, both the actors joked but stand still along with their chosen characters. The conclusion of the conversation still produced some vital aspects to Johnny’s and Daniel’s mindset during the show.

Ralph and William both viewed their characters from the beginning of this story back in the 1984 release. While the initial release of 1984 suggested Johnny as the real villain. this conclusion was based on the bullying of Daniel. Johnny’s character is quoted to be more confronting and chivalrous.

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Whereas Williams makes some fair arguments in the favour of Daniel. He points house the ‘picky’ characteristic of Daniel in some scenes. He also pointed out some of the violent characteristics and tendencies of Johnny, which mainly came from his teachings from sensei John Kreese. Hence giving him the tag of the actual villain.

The answer awaits:

Still, in the end, it is up to the viewers to decide who gets the title of the true villain in the series.

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