China takes Swing at US, says noone can dominate global politics

Chinese Premier Xi Jinping Blasts the US, Says They Shouldn’t Attempt to Dominate Global Politics

On Monday world leaders came together to celebrate the UN’s 75th anniversary. Due to the global pandemic, the representatives could not be physically present. Hence the meet was held virtually. The same global pandemic has led to a rise in tensions between China and the US. Due to the rise in tensions, many have started questioning the role of the UN. With us leaving the world health organization.

Many believe that the global pandemic will have an adverse effect on the UN. For a while now people have been questioning the effectiveness of UN. As it has occasionally failed to work in many places. WHO came under more pressure as it was unable to contain the coronavirus. This has led to people being severely affected and governments not rusting them. The pandemic has hence laid a massive economic blow on many countries. It has also lead to the deaths of a great number of people.

Xi Jinping on Global Affairs

Chinse premiere Xi, took a swipe at US. Though he did not specifically mention the United States. Xi was quoted saying “no country has the right to dimnate global affairs, control the destiny of others, or keep advantages in development all to itself. Even less should on be allowed to do whatever it likes and be the hegemon, bully or boss of the rolrd. Unilaterlaism is a dead end. This comment from Xi might face heat amongst the tensions between the countries.

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China has been portraying itself as a chief cheerleader for multilateralism. As many say that Donal Trumps disregard for international cooperation and quitting deal on various issues may be bad. These deal include one the Iran dal adna deal mad eon Climate Change.


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