Google develops a new AI that can be used to create your own music

Music lovers brace yourselves. Google’s Magenta developers created something called “Lo-Fi Player”.

Using this you can play beats with various instruments. This AI software is a music generating tool and you can create your own beats and tunes in your customized music room.

Powered by machine learning models from magenta.js, this is indeed a one-of-a-kind invention.

Have fun in your own virtual music room

Google coined the virtual music room they created the “Lo-Fi Player”. You can tinker around with the objects in the room and sit back and enjoy your music. For instance, there is a window in the room. By clicking on it, you can alter the background music in the track. It lets you change the visual as well the music by just a click on the window.

The genre of the music created is Lo-Fi hip hop. This was chosen because relatively, it has a simpler structure to it. And, it is popular. This restricted flexibility certifies that music always makes sense. Instead of a music generating instrument, the developers created something close to a music producing room.

Machine Learning and Music

Furthermore, several machine learning models have been inculcated in to this innovation to make sure that the users experience a vibrant, energetic and a unique feel. The TV in the music room represents the MusicVae. If you do not know, MusicVae is a machine learning model that permits to create palettes for blending and discovering various musical works. To put it simply, you can utilize the TV to produce new tunes by mixing with the present ones.

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The radio beside the TV represents MelodyRNN. Instead of fabric you can get tiny automatic looms which produce pieces of music. Basically, you can create new tunes my clicking on the radio.

In a blog post, Google’s Magenta developers also said, “The design goal is not to replace existing Lo-Fi Hip Hop producers or streams. Think of it more as a prototype for an interactive music piece or an interactive introduction to the genre to help people appreciate the art even more”.

Innovative integration into YouTube live stream

You can also bring the Lo-Fi Player into an interactive YouTube live stream. Instead of clicking on the elements in the room, you simply type out the commands in the live chat box. You can do all sorts of things here. You can change the color of the room, change the tunes and melodies, switch the instruments and many more. To alter the music, the software randomly selects a command from the chat box and puts it into effect. The selected comments are highlighted. This is the first ever creation with ML fuelled YouTube streaming.

The Lo-Fi Player is also a treat for the developers. The source code is available on GitHub. Also, you can also play with the sounds and canvas live in your browser with a js tutorial “Play, Magenta!”.

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