Dead Characters Have Decided To Make A Comeback For Season 7 And 8 Of Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible has decided to give dead characters their comebacks. They’re bringing back multiple familiar faces alongside Tom Cruise. So for everyone who cried when these characters died, bring a smile to your faces. Especially if they’re mentioned in this list! There are more names to be added to the list, but right now, this is the list.

Characters Who’re Making A Comeback

1. Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is a must in any of the Mission Impossible movies. The first two movies focused mainly on Cruise and his character, Ethan Hunt, while the other two focused more on introducing the ensemble aspects that would be firmed up with Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. The most recent instalment of the film focused on the character trying to reconcile with his daring stunt days, and then eventually reconciling with his ex-wife, Julia who was played by Michelle Monaghan.

2. Benji Dunn played by Simon Pegg

Benji was introduced in Mision Impossible III. He then was recognised as the core member of Ethan Hunt’s IMF ensemble. As well as the most consistent source of comedic relief throughout the new instalments. Instalments after Mission Impossible III, obviously.

Benji Dunn is known to be a former off-field agent, who later on switched to being a technical field agent in the more recent instalments. Pegg is known to be the one who is warm, has a vibrant presence, and the one that is always quick for a reaction shot whenever Ethan Hunt is putting his life on the line. But, also there to provide key assistance and motivation when needed.

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3. Isla Faust played by Rebecca Ferguson

This was one of the most memorable appearances in the Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. She was a friend a well as a foe to the main character Ethan when needed and slowly became a key player in the Mission Impossible series. She is also known to be starring in the latest film, Mission: Impossible — Fallout from a few short years ago.

4. White Widow played by Vanessa Kirby

She is a fairly new character for us. We were first introduced to her back in Mission: Impossible — Fallout. Unfortunately, she did not get as much screentime as her co-stars did. But she did keep us wondering about what will happen next. It’s nice to know she’s been asked to return for this sixth Mission: Impossible sequel. We’re excited about what this mysterious character will hold.

5. Eugene Kittridge played by Henry Czerny

This character, as well as the actor, played a memorable part in the original Mission Impossible movie which was released in 1996. However, it was simply a film adaptation of the popular television series. The sequels have only grown in size, and he’s been noticeably absent. He’s returning, that’s for sure, up to what extent though? That’s a bit unclear.

6. Luther Stickell played by Ving Rhames

The good news is here! Ving Rhames is returning for the franchise finale! Alongside, Tom Cruise, Vin is another constant through the Mission Impossible films. His character is an expert computer hacker, and who always has the right thing to say. No matter what the situation is.

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His first appearance was in the first movie and made a brief appearance in the second. Since, then the franchise has only grown, and so has the importance of his character.

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