Bored? Here Are Some Games Which Might Interest You!!

The current pandemic might have put a damper on many of our social gathering plans. Not being able to meet and have fun as we all used to, is one of the many things we have lost due to the COVID19 scenario. For some people, meeting friends and family is a way of releasing stress and when we are deprived of our social connections, it may lead to one of the many mental problems. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain that connection somehow and online games might be a solution. Just because we have to maintain social distancing, doesn’t mean we have to be distant from them as well. There are so many trending online games these days that might be helpful. They connect people, make them laugh and even prove to be a way to make new friends. Down below are some of the trending online games these days:

1. Psych 

Psych has emerged as one of the most popular games during this time. It is an online multiplayer game that allows people to choose from various categories. The players make us fake news about each other, on guessing the right one, we are awarded game points. Do we think we know our friends? Well, here’s a chance to test that and to outwit them. It is a perfect app for game nights, parties or road trips. We can have the same fun even when we are far away.

2. Ludo

Ludo King was launched in 2016 and it recently became the most downloaded game of the year this April. It became a quarantine sensation. A way to feel closer to our friends and family and having fun. Even though the game is extremely traditional, unlike many new games launched this year. The fan following for ludo has grown dramatically over the past few months.

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3. Among us 

After two years of its release, the game finally came to light earlier this month. Anyone can jump right in the game and start having fun. It is very easy to play and free as well. It is a multiplayer game with an interesting concept. The teammates have to complete various tasks and save themselves from the imposter in order to win.

4. Call of duty 

The game has given top-level competition to Pubg since the start. It is a multiplayer game, very similar to Pubg, many people jump on a battlefield with identifiable guns and different characters. The game series is originally focused on the World War II setting. It is a perfect blend of action and fun. Gives the characters an opportunity to connect while playing the game.

5. FIFA soccer 

It is the mobile version of the real-life FIFA game. The multiplayer game allows the players to make teams, compete and play FIFA in real-time. It offers more than 650 kinds of events in the all-new world tour event.

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