Amazon Music to include free podcasts now: Read more

Podcasts are something which gives you entertainment along with education. Amazon Music till now, did not feature podcasts which were a downside to it. Well, brace yourselves. That downside is eliminated.

Steve Boom, the Vice President of Amazon Music stated, “Our customers’ listening habits are constantly evolving, and we know they are looking to us to provide them with a rich experience rooted in music and entertainment.”

Famous personalities to host exclusive shows

Yes. Amazon Music shall showcase podcasts along with some of its original shows in the near future. The company unveiled the big news and said that the platform will have more than 70,000 shows. Some big titles are Serial and Pod Save America and the MNC has also struck a deal with DJ Khaled for his The First One. In that show he shall have a chat with other artists about their revolutionary hits and the stories behind their journeys. Exclusives hosted by other prominent artists Will Smith, Dan Patrick and Becky G are shall be included.

A popular show on iHeartMedia, “Disgraceland” with a music-meets-true-crime genre shall also be exclusive to Amazon Music from February 2021.

Shows “Crime Junkie”, “What A Day” and “Stuff You Should Know” are available right now with many more episodes to come!

Can enjoy the new feature via many ways

Also, you can listen to these podcasts through different ways. You can enjoy this pleasure through Amazon Music App, the web or even on Amazon Echo devices.

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There is a slight benefit to those who use Echo devices. The devices will automatically search up the Amazon Music App and pick up your audio from where you left off no matter which platform you used when you last listened.

It is a known fact that Spotify is renowned for its wide variety of podcasts. Obviously, this strikes a heated competition between Amazon Music and Spotify.

Right now, the most widespread music streaming platform is Apple Music. And it does not have the podcasts option in it yet. Apple Music and Apple Podcasts stayisolated from each other. Still other platforms combine both of them to turn the app in to an all-in-one application.

The company also collaborated with Twitch to bring-in the live streaming feature into the application. It is also reported that Amazon Music shall sell commercials for its shows.

This upgrade shall be available in the U.S, U.K, Japan and Germany starting from today! It is available to all the tiers of users at no additional cost

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