60 Year Old Indus Water Treaty: significance and more

Value and Significance of Indus Water Treaty


The Indus water treaty turned 60 on September 19th. The Indus water treaty signifies various important things in the politics of the subcontinent. The subcontinent has seen its share of violence and conflicts. It has seen many wars. Since the birth of a free India and Pakistan, there have been conflicts between the two. They have fought on various issues such as Kashmir the Bangladesh crisis and the Kargil sector. The Indus river water treaty is a golden point and example of cooperation and understanding. The World Bank played a crucial role in negotiating for the parties. It played the role of a mediator and a third party.

Historic Importance

India, being the upper riparian state has shown tremendous conviction in maintaining international law. However current developments may force it to change the way it been going about things. Since the partition in 1947, the distribution of rivers was a must. Pakistan was given the three western rivers. These are namely, Indus Jhelum and Chenab. India on the other hand was given the three eastern rivers. these were Ravi, Beas, and Satluj. india had been termed as very lenient. Considering the fact that it had allowed so much access to Pakistan despite being the upper riverian.

With time the relations between the two nations soured, yet they remained committed too the international decisions. After the treaty, they fought 3 wars. Despite this, they were able to maintain international law.

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Doubtful Future?

However in recent times, the calm seems to come to an end. With the terrorist attacks that India faced recently. These include Pulwama and Uri. Accompanied by the abrogation of article 370. It seems that India might decide to take up some action and force a renegotiation. They might want more beneficial laws in the end. As greater control and integration have been ensured via the act. India might very well decide to ask international organizations to look into the matter.

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