Tinder Swipe Night Episode 3, When is Swipe Night Episode 3? How To Enter, Storyline, Choices, Tips

Tinder has brought back the Swipe Night for the second season on September 12. The online-dating platform previously held the event in 2019, where a user follows an interactive storyline and decide what they want. Tinder previously planned to launch the event in March 2020 but postponed to September due to coronavirus pandemic.

What is Swipe Night?

Swipe Night is basically an interactive series created by Tinder that consists of three episodes. The event features a storyline that will take effect following your choices. You solely decide what happens next in the storyline. The Swipe Night 2020 will run from the weekend of 12th September, meaning the event will run next three weekends.

However, Swipe Night is available in selected countries only. If you are from the selected country, then you can start the first-person adventure from your Tinder app.

Tinder Swipe Night Episode 3

The third and final episode of this year’s Swipe Night will take place in the last weekend of the month of September (26-27th September). The storyline is the apocalyptic tale, in which an asteroid will hit the planet earth in the next three hours. You have choices from choosing music to helping someone in need.

When the episode kicks off, you have to select your next move in the storyline. You will reportedly face practical choices and moral dilemmas. When the choices pops-up, you have only seven seconds to respond to it. This year’s episodes were scripted by talented Nicole Delaney and Brandon Zuck. Karena Evans, who has directed the shows like Snowfall and music videos of artists like Drake and Coldplay.

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After the completion of the chapter, you would be able to know how many other people ended on the same chapter as you. This will ultimately help you to find a date who thinks like you. The top three choices made by you get displayed on your Tinder profile and then later you can start a conversation with your match starting with this. However, you can keep these details private if you don’t want others to find out.

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