YS Origin’s Nintendo Switch To Be Released Soon!

It was recently when Dotemu finally revealed the launch date of YS origin switch. The port will be released on 1st October. This date might actually be a little early than what the fans had expected.

YS origin brings a lot to switch, here the players will also be able to explore dungeons, fight a dozen of enemies, participate in platforming sections and complete puzzles. The publisher also released a new trailer to give a look of what’s coming ahead.

When the game finally arrives on Nintendo Switch, it will include additional content that was initially and originally made available in the Xbox one version of the game also included a speedrun mode.


It is said that the game takes the best of two styles that the series is known for. The first one is the top-down dungeon crawler of the 16 bit games and the second one is the fast paced action RPG. Both of these elements have been combined to create a whole new exclusive experience.

The two main characters featured in the YS origin are the the axe-weilding, melee-focused Yunica Tovah and the anti-hero wizard Hugo Fact. The pair sets foot on their own journeys through the flourishing land of YS as they seek to reclaim the land from the looming devil’s tower. Basically, the game follows a knight (yunica tovah) and a mage (Hugo Fact). The two fighters are in search for the goddesses who abandoned them. Together they embark on an adventurous journey and enter a tower full of beasts in hopes of making their way to the top.

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The game basically acts as a precursor to the events of YS I and II. The speciality of the game and being the only difference is that the protagonist, Adol Christin is missing, except in some special modes we can unlock Adol after completing both the campaigns. “The Claw” being the third mysterious character is also unlockable up to some levels. The character plays fast and loose, and in sharp contrast to Yunica’s heavy game style.

YS origin was initially released in Japan in 2006 which was followed by its release on PC in 2012 in the west, after which it was ported to play-station 4 and play-station vita in 2017 which was further followed by X-box 1 release. The game is releasing a physical collector’s edition as well as a standard edition.

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