Haikyu!! Release Date And Why The Delay know more latest info.

The most anticipated anime series that kept the fans waiting for a long time is Haikyuu!! Fans assumed the fifth season would be out soon but now they are worried it might take even longer than expected. The current scenario took a huge toll on the shooting and premiere of the show. As of now, there is no new release window yet or a date set for season 5. However, a premiere schedule is expected to drop out soon this year.


Haikyuu’s official website and twitter account recently confirmed that the series will be running a little late as the production has stopped due to the current COVID19 scenario, keeping in mind the health concerns. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, fans are happy that at least the next season is confirmed.


The main story of the series revolves around a high school volleyball team and the bond players share. It shows certain ups and downs, friendship and rivalries among the characters. The last season (4th season)  consisted of 25 episodes. The first part of season 4 was released on 10th January, earlier this year. But part 2 will face a possible delay and so will season 5.

Season 5 would show how Hinata goes to Karasuno high school so as to master volleyball and even qualify the nationals. The season doesn’t have an official release date yet but surely will bring a lot of fun. The fifth instalment will also feature the most loved duo, Hinata and Kageyama.

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As some parts of japan have already lifted the lockdown directives, there soon might be a premiere schedule. Even some members of the team shared production updates. A music producer, Yoshiki Kobayashi shared the exciting news with a photo of him, informing the fans that the recordings of the season’s soundtrack have begun. The earlier updates were:

22nd May, 2020 – delay for Haikyuu

6th July, 2020- part 2 visual and delay update

9th July, 2020- part 2 release date time frame confirmed

17th August, 2020 – season 4 part release date confirmed.

Be it rumors or updates, we will try to keep you posted, till then let’s enjoy what’s out and keep our fingers crossed.

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