Crucial Facts about CompTIA A+ Certification and Its Recertification Policy


CompTIA certification program includes credentials ideal for individuals of all levels of expertise – from entry all the way to the expert one. In addition, their badges are also divided according to the discipline, i.e. there are core, Author: Nolan K cybersecurity, infrastructure, and additional professional categories with the core credentials being for starters. The CompTIA A+ badge is among the core accreditations ideal for specialists with 9-12 months of experience in the tech field and opens wide career opportunities for the potential candidates who aim to apply for entry technical support roles. Two assessments must be completed for you to own this badge, which are Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002).

A+ Tests Details

What do the A+ exams entail? First, it should be noted that you can take these tests in Spanish, English, Thai, German as well as Japanese. Each assessment costs $226 and has 90 multiple-choice, Author: Khloe L performance-based, and drag and drop questions that have to be completed within 90 minutes. Core 1 exam covers 6 major domains such as networking technology, hardware, mobile devices, cloud computing, virtualization, and finally, network troubleshooting. The passing score for this A+ test is 675 out of a possible 900 points. Core 2 assesses four major topics like operational procedures, expanded security, operating systems, and software troubleshooting. However, for 220-1002 exam, the passing mark is 700 points on a scope of 100-900. To increase your chances of acing both A+ tests on your first trial, you can use prep tools such as official instructor-led training sessions, study guides, books, videos, and virtual labs. Author: Lincoln M

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A+ Recertification Policy

Once you pass the final Core 2 test, you will be awarded the A+ credential that expires after 3 years from the date of issue. However, the good news is that CompTIA through its renewal policy gives you an opportunity to increase the validity of your badge while equally staying current with the latest trends in your discipline. Some of the A+ renewal options include:

  • Accumulating at least 20 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) in three years. These CEUs include attending relevant webinars, completing relevant training, participating in IT industry activities, Uploading CEUs to your certification account renews your A+ badge for another 3 years. Author: Katherine N
  • Obtaining a higher-level CompTIA badge automatically renews your A+ one. Since this credential is an entry-level one in the core certifications category, earning such a badge as the Linux+, which is in the infrastructure category, renews your CompTIA A+ Author: Xavier O


Having the CompTIA A+ certification is one way of getting the most out of your career. The A+ credit syllabus contains all the topics needed to make you an all-rounded IT specialist. In this article, we’ve talked about the A+ details and how you can get recertified without too much hassle and stress. Author: Gianna P  Thus, it’s now your turn to do something about it – start the process of earning the A+ and stand a chance of enjoying the benefits that it has in store for you.

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