Bose publishes 3 new sunglasses with speakers

Back in 2018, Bose broadcasted its initial pair of glasses — that is, sunglasses with speakers in them. Evidently, the firm guessed this existed an impression fortune maintaining, as today it declared three additional pairs to support the recent two.

What will be new?

The line comprises of two fashion-oriented prototypes, the Frames Tenor and Soprano, and the additional sporty Frames Tempo — meant for cycling, hiking, and the like. Bose announces it’s expanded sound personality on all of them while establishing the “tiniest, palest, most unnoticed Bose speaker systems ever.”

Not that there are any means you won’t glimpse that enormous bulge on the limbs of the glasses, but at limited they should be further pleased to wash away or protect under a hat. The glasses also appear with polarized lenses and are prescription-ready; Bose announces they “look, fit, and accomplish like the world’s lauded sunglasses for outdoor recreations and everyday wear.”


The Tenor and Soprano comprise 16mm speakers and Bose says it’s a superior bass acknowledgement in outstanding. They have 5.5 hours of artillery life and charge via a bespoke connector. From the guise, at least, they glance like any additional pair of fancy sunglasses.

The Tempo certainly appears like a great empirical prototype for me. Bose readily acknowledges it should sound decent of the lot. It utilizes a 22mm driver that can play loud sufficiently to be listened to while cycling at 25 mph — while still strengthening the ambient perception furnished by their clear design. The Tempo also has the promising battery life of the bunch, at 8 hours, and can charge via HSBC.

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The new glasses are prepared to start today — each auction for $249.95. Fancy glasses aside, the corporation also declared its new haul on an AirPods competitor, the $179.95 Bose Sport Earbuds and the $279.95 Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. 


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