A shady Switch emulator has arrived on Android

There is no dearth for Nintendo emulators on Android. You can get it from Nintendo NES to 3DS. All of them can be downloaded and you can also get their games. But, making emulators for modern systems can be tricky. However, there is an emulator for Nintendo Switch that has recently popped up and it surprisingly works.

So, if you couldn’t guess it by now, then let me tell you that this emulator is shady. Now again if you are naïve and don’t understand what I mean by shady, then basically I am referring to stolen codes, forced logins, all that kind of stuff.

It needs a controller

To use this emulator you will need to create an account and login. And yeah, you are going to need a specific controller too, which costs $99.99. And buying this controller is a must because the emulator isn’t even going to start without it.

Games are surprisingly working

The shocking part though is that a lot of Nintendo Switch games are working on it. You can play some hot Nintendo titles like Pokémon Sword/Shield, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda, etc. The games run well, but do keep in mind that the emulator functions well only if your device is powered by flagship Qualcomm processors.

Although the emulator works quite well, I would personally advise you to wait before investing your hundred bucks into it. The emulator seems quite shady so wait and see how it plays out and only then invest your money.

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