ViewSonic TD 1665 Portable Multitouch IPS Monitor is here! Specifications, Looks, Cost And Overall

The ViewSonic, a much needed portable touch screen display monitor, which is available in two screen sizes. The 15.6-inch screen as well as the 16-inch screen. So this touchscreen monitor makes sure your requirements are fulfilled. Especially in regards to the screen sizes. If you’re one of those people whose jobs demand them to have a bigger screen size. Around 15 to 16 inches, but you’re also one of those people who cannot sit in one place for too long. It could be because you believe you weren’t made to stay in one place. If you would be, you would have roots and not feet. 

This device is also perfect if you’re one of those people who prefer to have multiple screens in front of them. Or maybe even your job demands it (you could be an editor or a gamer). This monitor is perfect for you. It is bound to satisfy all your monitoring needs. Especially if you need to keep an eye on multiple things at the same time. The speciality about this device is that it is not just compatible with mac books, Chromebook or windows laptops, or desktops, it is also compatible with and android or an ios phone. So if you need some document to be bigger than your phone screen, this is the perfect substitute.


Now that we have summarised what is the ViewSonic TD1665, we can have a look at the specifications, and you can decide if this is the perfect monitor for you.

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The TD1665 has:

  • two USB C type ports: Different devices can be connected instantly to the display. It also has the ability to act as a source of power for other devices.
  • A mini HDMI port: It is present as an alternative to the USB C type ports.
  • 3.5 mm audio jack: Allows external speakers to be connected.
  • An adjustable antislip cover: Helps to avoid slipping of the monitor which being place on a surface.


The ViewSonic has a metal exterior, which gives a rather elegant and classy look but does not add to the weight of the device. The device barely weighs a kilogram! There is also an aluminium kickstand located behind the display, allowing you to use the surface in any orientation. Letting it be vertical or horizontal.

The SonicView TD1665 also supports touchscreen, and it also comes with a magic touch pen. So for those who draw on their monitor, or use it for any other creative purpose, ViewSonic has thought about you as well. Other than that, in case you don’t like your fingerprints leaving marks on your screen, the magic touch pen helps with that as well!

Not everything can always have ups, all good things, in this case, the amazing things, also have a few downs. In this case the only down I can see that is that the screen can be really reflective at times. This can be really annoying.


The ViewSonic like earlier mentioned has two screen sizes. One of which has not been yet revealed.

15.6-inch (60W Power): $245.99

16-inch: The price is still not revealed

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Overall Review

The ViewSonic TD1665 overall does an amazing job of providing an extra screen. It is lightweight, easy to use, and compact, which makes it easily portable. In case the currently mentioned screen sizes are too small for you, a 24-inch screen is also available in the market.

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