The true measurement of the giant monster megalodon shark reveals as per a new scientific report

Megalodon Shark

Megalodon was not only the biggest shark in the world but one of the largest fish ever to be existent. Guesstimates suggest that the megalodon shark will grow up to 15 to 18 meters in length. And three times longer than the largest great white shark recorded.  The violent bite of these sharks is more dangerous. According to the NHM, by nature human beings have been measured to have a bite force of around 1,317 newtons whereas researchers have estimated that the megalodon shark had a bite force between 108,514 and 182,201 newtons. Its massive teeth are almost three times larger than the teeth of a modern great white shark.  This megalodon, which went died out millions of years ago, was the largest shark ever to hang around the oceans and one of the largest fish on record. The scientific name, Carcharocles megalodon, means “giant tooth,” and the megalodon’s fossilized bones and teeth give scientists major clues about what the creature was like and when it died off.


J.A.Cooper a former member of the NSERC Canadian Integrated multi-trophic Aquaculture Network. Dr. Cooper led researchers to investigate the potential effects of aquaculture nutrients on wild species colonization and growth to develop IMTA (Integrated multi-trophic Aquaculture) as a strategic enhancement within economically sustainable aquaculture production systems.  According to him, the ancient megalodon shark species has discovered the most accurate estimates of its size to date, which says that the creatures could grow up to 59 feet in length. And the sharks lived between 4 million and 23 million years ago.

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Scientific Report

As said in the movie “The Meg” pits modern humans against an enormous megalodon. Before Humans even evolved, the beast died out but it is difficult to pinpoint the exact date that the megalodon went extinct because the fossil record is incomplete.

In 2014, a research group at the University of Zurich studied megalodon fossils using a technique called optimal linear estimation to determine their age. These studies found that most of the fossils date back to the middle Miocene epoch to the Pliocene epoch.  All signs of the creature’s existence ended 2.6 million years ago in the current fossil record. According to the University Of California Museum Of Palaeontology for comparison, our earliest Homo sapiens ancestors emerged only 2.5 million years ago, during the Pleistocene epoch.

A very small portion of the Zurich study’s data said 6 out of 10,000 simulations showed a 1% chance that these giant sharks could still be alive. But there is no one has discovered any recent evidence of the monster or not even fossils that are any younger than 2.6 million years old. If you happened to be swimming in Earth’s oceans anywhere from around 4 million to 23 million years ago, the last creature you’d have wanted to run into was a megalodon shark.

Now, researchers in the UK have come up with what they say is the most accurate measurement of an adult megalodon, and the figures are almost too wild to be believed. This mainly consists of teeth, and while that might not sound like a lot to go on, by working backwards and comparing the size of the teeth to modern shark species, the researchers were able to paint a picture of what the full-sized adult sharks would have looked like. Therefore scientists agree that megalodons are long gone.

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