Nike donates $500K to UMCHS

Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in design, development, manufacturing, and marketing and sales of footwear, accessories, apparel and services.

The company was founded on 25th January, 1964 and headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, United States. Initially, it was known by Blue Ribbon Sports Inc.

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Recently, Nike have donated approximately $500K of literal furniture, playground equipment and class room materials to Umatilla Morrow Head Start from Beaverton, Oregon campus.

After having a good discussion between the Nike site directors and UMCHS Executive directors, Marueen McGrath,  UMCHS was listed as the primary beneficiary for donation.

It was said by McGrath sitting Nike to be the best company when it comes to supporting early care and education. They provide them with High-quality resources which will help some of the most vulnerable communities in eastern Oregon.

Nike has donated nearly half a million dollars which will benefit many childcare programs ad education programs at early learning centres like- Hermiston, Stanfield, Boardman, Condon, Pendleton and Wallowa.

The products or equipment the Nike company bought or donated were outdoor playground structures, bathroom fixtures, fencing, iPads, strollers, books, cots and much more.

UMCHS is an organization which serves children and parents. The Head Start director, Julian is very much pleased with the gifts that was donated by the Nike.

UMCHS – Umatilla-Morrow Head Start is a caring, innovative network of quality individuals working in partnership with others to strengthen families and communities.

He said, he wanted to help many such agencies and from the gifts, he will be able to help many children to succeed in their higher learning as well as their parents to excel in their needs.

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Parents can freely send their children to preschool as they know, it will help their children to get ready for kindergarten. The things which they will teach includes Math, Social-emotional learning, nutrition, literacy, and physical exercise.

Nike donates $500K worth of supplies to early learning programs in eastern Oregon - YakTriNews.com

Dennis Julian, Head Start director is confident that the school will start in the first week of October. The supplies which they got will be used for UMCHS programs in the fall, until then they will unpack the things and not keep it for the last moment.



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