Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe resigns, Clearing The Way For The New Prime Minister; Yoshihide Suga

This Wednesday, it was announced that the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, along with his cabinet is resigning. He has now officially cleared the way for the new Japanese Prime Minister. Shinzo Abe was the longest-serving Japanese Prime Minister to date. He has revealed that the only reason he is resigning is due to his health issues.

More Details About Why He Is Resigning

“I devoted my body and soul for the economic recovery and diplomacy to protect Japan’s national interest every single day since we returned to power,” Shinzo Abe spoke before he walked into the Prime Ministers Office for the final time. He was headed to his last Cabinet Meeting. “During this time, I was able to tackle various challenges together with the people, and I’m proud of myself,” he added before walking into the office.

Shinzo Abe, who is 65 years old has also revealed that he has been suffering from ulcerative colitis. Though his health is improving, thanks to the treatment he’s undergoing, the next round of his treatment asks for IV injections. The IV injections cause weakness. That is the reason Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan is resigning.

Who Is His Successor?

The short answer to the question of ‘Who is Abe’s successor’ would be Yoshihide Suga. Yoshida Suga was the Chief Cabinet Secretary for Shinzo Abe for a long time. He was also Abe’s right hand. He was chosen this Monday as the new head of the governing Liberal Democratic Party. At the same time, virtually guaranteeing his election as prime minister in a parliamentary vote Wednesday.

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Suga is a self-made politician. His background is not into politics. His father was a strawberry grower in the northern prefecture of Akita. In his promises, he has put a lot of stress on serving interests of ordinary people in rural communities.

More About Suga And His Promises

Suga, who is a loyal supporter of his predecessor, Abe, has also made a few other promises. He has promised that he will carry on Abe’s unfinished policies. His priority though would be fighting the coronavirus. As well as getting the Japanese economy back up. He gained the support of party heavyweights and their followers early in the campaign. Based on the expectations he would continue Abe’s course.

Back when Abe’s tenure ended abruptly due to his illness, Suga was the one who helped him get back to the position of continuing his tenure. Back in 2012.

Suga’s Cabinet

Suga doesn’t belong to any wing within the party. In fact, he calls himself a reformer and opposes factionalism. He promises to break down vested interests and rules that hamper reforms. He also promises to set up a new government agency to speed up Japan’s lagging digital transformation.

Suga also spoke about his cabinet. He said that he is looking forward to appointing those people who are “reform-minded, hard-working people”. The new Cabinet will be declared on Wednesday. About half of the members in the Abe Cabinet are expected to be retained or shifted to different ministerial posts.

Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet

The new Prime Minister is bound to face a range of challenges one of which will be relations with China. Relations, which continues its assertive actions in the contested East China Sea. He will also have to decide what to do with the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed to next summer due to the coronavirus. And he will have to establish a good relationship with whoever wins the U.S. presidential race after Donald Trump.

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