Environmental Changes After The California Wildfires: What Actually Happened, Is There An End In Sight, What Is The Current Scenario?

Climate Change is the talk of the town these days. With irregular rainfalls in the timely rainfall regions and the snowfall in the Sahara desert (yes, that has actually happened) the climate of this entire world has gone haywire. Not everything in this world is better than it used to be in the 20th century, and climate is one of those things.

The Sahara Desert with Snow in 2020

Climate has been changing rapidly due to multiple factors, mainly Global Warming. Global warming can happen due to multiple reasons. Before we look at what causes global warming, we need to look at what is global warming? So this is the textbook definition of global warming: “Global warming is an aspect of climate change, referring to the long-term rise of the planet’s temperatures. It is caused by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, mainly from human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation and farming.” In simpler terms, global warming is the rise in the temperature of the planet. 

Now that we know what is global warming, here is what causes global warming;

  • Burning Of Fossil Fuels
  • Deforestation
  • Agriculture And Farming

And a lot more things, but these were just the basics.

Now that we’ve cleared the basics, let us move on to the elephant in the room. The elephant in the room is also today’s topic. How Californian Wildfire is responsible for climate change all around the world.

How Did The Californian Wildfires Happen?

Wildfires in California have been, and still are raging for months. They’ve become a cause for multiple fatal as well as non-fatal injuries. The fires have been riping through cities, towns as well as rural neighbourhoods. It has forced thousands and thousands of residents to flee regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, and the heatwave, that is caused by the wildfire and global warming combined.

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Thundering In The Bay Area- California

The fires have expanded in the Sierra Nevada, southern California, and regions north, east and south of San Francisco. The short answer for the main question would be a strong heatwave. That particular day, the temperature was recorded to be 130-degree Farenheight (54.4-degree Celcius). This caused Californians to roll out blackouts. In order to cool their homes.

The next thing that went wrong was, due to a tropical storm in the Pacific Ocean, moisture in California shot up, triggering a rare lighting storm that zapped California more than 10,800 times over a three-day period, sparking small fires across the Bay Area and northern California. The moisture from the storm and the lightning-caused the fires to grow for a few days. Then once everything calmed down, the winds picked up. The moisture percentage went down, the winds started stoking the small flames until they erupted into full-blown infernos. The inferno’s then multiplied and turned into the Californian Wildfires we know and fear today.

Is There An End In Sight?

“These fires will be really tough to contain until this heatwave breaks,” said Kolden. The Bay Area is forecasted to be “pretty hot, and pretty dry” for the next two weeks. The Bay Area National Weather Service is also forecasting the potential for more dry lightning this weekend. Though forecasting means a lot of uncertainty is still there. The fires are more likely to continue for a while, so being safe and staying home is our best option.

Firefighters fighting the Wildfires.

The best-case scenario is that some of the larger groupings of fires run out of fuel, hitting bodies of water or patches of land that have already burned in recent fires – and stay away from neighbourhoods. Swain said it was “unsettling” that the state had not even hit its peak wildfire season yet. “Right now, there’s no real end in sight.”

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What Is The Current Scenario?

On Friday, the 11th September, according to California Healthline, a minimum of 15 people had been killed in the California, Oregon and Washington Wildfires. Yes, these wildfires started from California. They’ve now spread to four more states, Oregon and Washington Idaho and Nevada.

Map Of the Wildfires

“Authorities found seven bodies in Northern California on Thursday as firefighters battled multiple ravaging wildfires, raising the total number of victims in the state to 10. At least five others have been killed in Washington state and Oregon this week amid a series of out of control wildfires. (Chavez, Maxouris and Andone, 9/11)” – California Healthline

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