Nearly one month ago, Blizzard confirmed the official PC requirements for its latest World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. Generally, there were not too many surprises. Though there was a hint that definitely caught many eyes. Specifically, that an SSD was listed within the games minimum storage requirements.

The distinct assumption by this was that the game would no longer be fit for operating on standard HDDs. This was the first time we saw this for a game. If this bothered you in any way, there is a glad tiding for you. It may have taken a few weeks, but Blizzard has updated their specifications (both minimum and recommended) to now include both SSD and HDDs.

Games load a lot faster on SSD and make the overall experience a lot more enjoyable.

Through these recommendations, Blizzard is stating that the game works a lot more efficiently with the downloaded SSDs.













You also might need to get your storage house in order so as to make the best out of the game. The game would require at least 100 GB of storage.

Check out the official requirements here!

In the latest revision of their PC prerequisites, Blizzard does confirm that standard HDDs will be acceptable. But they do throw in a pretty hefty red flag when it comes to performance. Specifically, “depending on the drive, player experience may be impacted on HDD”.









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