Qualcomm’s next budget snapdragon 4-series chips could take 5G mainstream in 2021


Qualcomm is expecting its debut in the 5G industry with its budget 4 series Snapdragon processor in 2021. That will allow the faster networking smartphone to have the best and cheapest processor to date. Qualcomm has been constantly trying to upgrade its processors with compatibility with the 5G networking technology.

Qualcomm's next budget Snapdragon 4-series chips could take 5G mainstream in 2021 - The Verge

The core features:

The introduction to the Snapdragon processor in 5G Technology was in 2019 when its 8 series chipset was introduced. Still, the technology was limited to only a few of the flagship devices available at that time. The year 2020 for Snapdragon introducing some new processes in its 8 series, which fall in the budget category. Like this Snapdragon 865 lineup requires a completely different 5G modem setup. The company has also come out with some of its budget options in the seven and the 6 series of processors. However, adding the 5G compatibility in its four series processes would be a great benchmark for the company. The 4 series chipset of the Snapdragon processors is considered to be the cheapest of all. This will attract more audience to the cheaper smartphone market.

In conclusion:

Qualcomm hasn’t announced any for the details about the modem to be used in the 4 series chipset. The weather details about this specific product will be released soon. And 2021 is the year in which Snapdragon expects is the first 4 series 5G powered smartphone. Motorola Xiaomi and Oppo are the companies that are very much interested in investing to make therefore series chipset smartphones 5G compatible.

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