New Armor-Lock Platform Uses Mobile Bio metrics to Unlock SSDs


Western Digital is the company that is known for its encryption platform services. This year they have launched a new data encryption service that can be operated through a mobile app. It will help you safeguard your SSD drive. this was named The armor lock security platform which will first be used in the G-terminology armor lock encrypted in NVMe SSD. Which will be particularly used in the entertainment sector. With time this technology will be used in other SSD needs of all types of industries.

New ArmorLock Platform Uses Mobile Biometrics to Unlock SSDs

Product highlights:

This service is designed to protect your sensitive data from cybercriminals. and at the same time allows people to fluidly access their storage. Tn addition to the traditional security service this mobile application which is introduced by the company will be used to do many other things. The users can use this mobile to this application to unlock any device from any place wirelessly. The security features provided by this app are completely modern. With the help of their fingerprint, anyone can log in to the workstation for home SSD data. Along with this, there can be managers who can use the desktop application to validate several devices and the people using those devices. Hence, there is a two-step protection of who can access your data. For industrial use, this application can help the company to share the SST data with their employees.

The data is sure to be end to end encrypted while in the transition from company to employee. The company will also have the power to grant access or restrict access to the data from any employee. The armor lock-in NVMe SSD offers a 256 bit AES XTS hardware encryption. And this service also comes with the tracker which can allow the owners to locate the device whenever they want at any given time.

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This latest service of thermal of SSD protection is available throughout the Western Digital stores. And these will be retained only in specific countries, beginning from the UK Germany France Canada, and the USA. The starting price of this service is at 599 dollars for the 2TB version. And the armor lock app which can be downloaded in both Android and IOS is completely free. The desktop application of Armour lock is also available in Mac OS and Windows.


The armor lock application is not the first of its kind to offer biometric security for SSD data. Mac OS and Samsung have their built-in SSD encryption services. But these services are very personal and limited to a specific range of devices. Western Digital has tried to increase the range of encryption over all devices. Hence, making their service more user-friendly and versatile.

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