MacKenzie Scott Net Worth 2020: Wealth, Assests and Personal Life

The woman who helped her ex-husband build the Amazon empire is quietly thriving after the most expensive divorce settlement in history. MacKenzie Scott is a philanthropist, writer, and former wife of Jeff Bezos. She is now officially the wealthiest woman in the world. This happened after a surge in the tech stock. And now many people are wondering, What’s MacKenzie Scott Net Worth in 2020? Well we are here to find that out

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, she is the 12th richest person in the world and 1st in the list of richest females in the World.

In 2019, the year she got divorced, she was the 4th wealthiest woman. Regardless, stocks of other women who were leading have not boosted. Hence, giving rise to Mackenzie, the wealthiest lady in the world.

MacKenzie Scott Net Worth 2020

In late July 2020, she announced she’d given nearly $1.7 billion to 119 nonprofit groups. Also, she declared that she changed her last name from Bezos to Scott. 

With a net worth of $68 Billion, Scott has surpassed past L’oreal heiress Bettencourt to be the richest female. 

As a part of the divorce settlement, Scott received a quarter of Amazon’s stock, worth $36 billion at that time. This was approximately 4% of the company’s share. Nonetheless, not giving the credits of her success to her divorce, she has written two novels, donated billions of dollars, and invested efforts to be here now.

She is one of the few super-rich individuals who has promised to give away most of her wealth for the welfare of humankind. She has signed a Giving Pledge wherein, she stated that all her wealth will go for a good cause. This was mentioned in one of the case studies conducted which prove she is not one of those to sit on her riches. 

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MacKenzie Scott Career

In 2014, MacKenzie founded Bystander Revolution, an anti-bullying organization, where she serves as executive director. Also, she has given donations in over 116 nonprofit organizations. 

Apart from this, Scott is the author of The Testing of Luther Albright, a debut novel, which in 2006 won an American Book Award.

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