Latest Android Tablet 10.1 inch Tablet Android 10.0 latest update and features

There has been a rapid increase in the screen size of Android tablets over the years. Larger screen tablets are proved to be more beneficial in terms of screen consumption and productivity. Within one year the technological industry has introduced many tablets with a screen size of about 10 inches. Microsoft came out with its Surface series of tablets. With the versatility of being able to connect with the keyboard. other brands have listed their tablets under the 10-inch category are Lenovo, Samsung, and Honour.

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Release of Android 1.0

However, the 10-inch tablet comes with the disadvantage of being very fragile and weak. Also, Android 10.0 has been introduced in the market. Android 10.0 is believed to have some features that are very friendly to the tablet category. The android update was first launched only for smartphones. Now that almost all the smartphones have the feature to download Android 10, it has been brought out for tablets. Android 11 is available in the beta version for these smartphones. It has been a while since Android 10 had been announced but the main aspects of its features have started to come out now. and retain has come out with many features that you possibly can change the functions of your tablet.

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