WD’s PORTABLE SECURE SSD: ArmourLock more security and more reliability

One of the most important aspects of storing data is security. Billions of dollars are spent on ensuring that the device or the product being set up by the corporation is secure. To ensure that no one has access to the private files or searches of the users, other than the user himself. Privacy and security for privacy are one of the biggest markets in today’s world. As the world turns more and more towards digitalization the threats to security also increase. Hence companies look to advertise their ability to ensure that people identify their company with stability and privacy. In today’s world companies that can guarantee privacy are the ones that make it to the top. Kensington locks have been used by manufacturers to prevent people from physically stealing data from a user’s SSD. However time again these have not stood up to the test.

A Savior?

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In the age of such insecurity and high number of thefts WD or western digital might have come up with a solution. WD seeks to ensure that your data and your files can only be viewed and used by you and a few select others. It wants to ensure that people feel safe and secure in the hands of WD. To realize his dream WD has created ArmorLock, a completely new data security platform.

It is a 2TB storage device that’s blisteringly fast. It offers read and write speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s over a USB 10 Gbps port. The only thing the user will require is a smartphone or a PC. Yes, laptops also work. Unlike most security software’s you do not require any specific knowledge of security.

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WD may have come out with a game-changing move. If implemented successfully it will absolutely change the image of data security. It might be able to increase trust and familiarity between the users and the consumers. It seems to be a great product. We are hopeful that it is brought out properly. In conclusion, it is a fantastic product and a must-buy for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time on these devices.


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