The competition for Apple’s AirPod Pros has finally arrived: The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose unveiled the noise cancelling, wireless in-ear QuietComfort earbuds recently. Together with these, Bose has also confirmed the release of the Sport EarBuds. The former will influence anyone who thinks that the Apple AirPod Pros still look absurd.

The QuietComfort or the QC EarBuds are an alias to the Noise Cancelling 700 EarBuds. These were supposed to be launched last year.

The EarBuds consist of ANC chip or Active Noise Cancellation chip. And also, it has 11 ambient sound levels which aid in drowning out unnecessary sounds. Furthermore, they are furnished with exterior microphones which permit the earphones to adjust the settings to go with the environment accordingly. Additionally, Bose’s StayHear Max tips with the comfortable yet tight seals and wings make sure that these buds provide a snug fit. The surface crafted with soft silicone instead of any plastic makes it comfy to the users to wear them as long as they want.

Worried about the battery?

Regarding the battery span, you can tire those QC EarBuds out for a time of 6 hours with a single charge. A quick charge of 15 minutes gives you a charge for up to 2 hours. By storing them in the charging case, you can obtain a total of 12 hours of backup charge. This means two additional charges. Plus, it provides wireless charging and is compatible with any Qi-certified wireless mat.

Bose’s Volume-optimized Active EQ technology spontaneously enhances the lows and highs of the audio to provide consistency.

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The QC EarBuds come with a touch-intuitive interface

Instead of the conventional buttons, you can control your audio through simple gestures. These IPX-4 rated earbuds are weatherproof. This means that you can use them under the sun, in the rain, and any type of weather.

The QC EarBuds utilize the Bluetooth 5.0 version. You can connect to any device hassle-free. And you can stay connected to it if you are 30 feet within the area.

For total control over your buds, you need to install the Bose App. There you can manage all the settings and customize your favorites, Bluetooth connections and much more. Many cool features will be added in the future, so stay tuned. The micro sensors in your earbuds detect if you are wearing them or not. The moment you remove them, the audio will pause. They are also completely compatible with the built-in voice assistant.

Retail Price and Launch Date

No matter the place, they are best suited for any moment and location.

They are available for pre-order on Bose, Best Buy and Amazon. The price is currently tagged at $279.99.

The Bose QuietComfort EarBuds will make its debut on September 29th together with the Sport Earbuds.


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