More than 300 COVID-19 cases surge in Kansas City, three people dead

Over 300 more COVID-19 cases were added to the list in the Kansas Metropolitan City. There were three deaths too.

The area enclosing Jackson and Kansas City, Missouri’s Clay and Platte counties and Kansas’s Johnson and Wyandotte counties increased 302 cases on Thursday bringing up the total cases to 33,557 till now.

The estimates of positive test rates

A positive test rate for two weeks was  9.59% in Kansas City, 11.5% in Johnson County and a 14.88% in Jackson County. The one-week positive test rate of the Clay County was 12.68%.

The observed overall positive test rate was 9.47% in Platte County and a 17.6% in Wyandotte County.

Below, you can see the rise and fall of the cases every day.

Death toll in Kansas City Metro

Johnson County has the highest death count till date with 128 deaths and an extra two deaths took place on Thursday.

Kansas City reported the third death on Thursday, which has a count of 96 deaths overall.

The Jackson County and Clay County have each faced 75 and 39 deaths, respectively. Plus, Platte County mounts up to 10 deaths while the Wyandotte County has 119. The metro has a total of 467 fatalities in its record.

The University of Kansas Health System stated that twenty-two patients were hospitalized for COVID-19, an addition of three more on Wednesday. Furthermore, three are in the intensive care unit in a critical condition.

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The medical director of infection prevention and control, Dana Hawkinson advised everyone to continue wearing masks.

He said, “It will become second nature where you will be able to stay spaced from people, where you will go to those de-densified areas or restaurants and not meet in those large groups. “

The seven-day average is good

“I’ve been optimistic because in the Kansas City metro. Our rolling seven-day average is rather good right now compared to where it was a week ago. So, if we can keep those low-test numbers, keep those low hospitalization numbers, we will be looking good moving into respiratory viral season, influenza season, as well as the COVID pandemic.”

The seven-day average in the KC Metro area for the additional instances was 265 on Thursday.

With over 97,952 cases to date, Missouri confirmed an overall test rate of 8.8 %.

Likewise, Kansas City has a record of 47,410 cases until now, with an overall positive test rate of 10.7%.

Research by John Hopkins University tells that more than 6.3 million have fallen victims to the novel corona virus disease. A total of 191,444 casualties are reported.

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