COBOTS: A Collaborative Robot Market FOR 2020

Robotics is moving towards great evolution, today. This has led to serious growth in the popularity of collaborative robots. The reason behind this popularity ranges from the fact that they are very cost-effective and safe. Despite being a relatively new industry pundits have suggested that it has great potential. Many believe these robots will soon be a very normal figure in everyday life. They believe cobots will make life easier for humanity as a whole.

This being said if you’re new to this field and haven’t really had much experience or knowledge of this field then you might want to keep reading on. You might find the best-suited robots for your needs. This will give you a good idea of the type of bot you might want to be investing in.


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A size smaller than UR10e and the payload of 5 kg, UR5e perfectly combines size and power. This intelligent cobot can perform a variety of tasks from assembling to dispensing within the 850mm radius.
As the trademark of Universal products, UR5e is extremely easy to install and user-friendly. UR5e is the perfect candidate for 2-finger grippers, and while both have the same flexibility and ease of usage, they have been put together for ultimate peace of mind.


Here comes the smallest member of the Universal Robots family. UR3e is the smallest Cobot. It is designed for performing specific tasks. With the payload of a measure  3kg, it can only be utilized for picking up small weights and lighter tasks. You might wonder the reasons behind building such a bot. Well, not all industries work with heavy machinery and assembling of the heavy part. Some industries need robots with utmost precision. These industries include the electronics industry.
With a reach of 500mm radius, infinite rotation of 360 degrees along flexible wrist joints. UR3e is the best solution for light assembly tasks. As with the improving technology, the electronic industry is flourishing at a fast pace, so there is a higher demand for Cobots like UR3e to a tabletop, human help for precise assembling tasks.

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For the ultimate increase in productivity and efficiency, UR10e is the best solutions. With a heavy-duty tech, it is capable of performing human-sized tasks with a payload of 10 kg. If you’re searching for a cobot that can handle picking of heavy objects, then UR10e is a must buy. It may be your solution. With repeatability of 0.1mm, it offers excellence along with efficiency.
For improved productivity and top quality without error, UR10e is one of the best products to be used in integration with the human force. this should be in a highly secure environment.

All these are of top-notch quality and you must look into the little more before deciding.



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