PS5 Release Date Reportedly LEAKED By AMAZON, PS5 Specifications, Price, and Features

Sony and Microsoft — the biggest name in video-game console manufacturer — are going to launch the next-generation consoles later this year. The highly anticipated consoles are the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. These both consoles will b the most powerful consoles that have been ever developed by either of the company.

Microsoft has already confirmed the release date and pricing of the upcoming console. Sony hasn’t yet announced, but a new leak suggests that the company might reveal in coming days. The PlayStation 5 is reportedly coming in the holiday 2020, meaning somewhere between November and December. Microsoft is releasing the new Xbox Series S and Series X on November 10, 2020, but Sony is still holding up.

However, a new leak suggests that the next-gen PlayStation could be coming just a few days after the release of the Xbox. The leak came from a Reddit user who noticed the pre-order of PS5 Wall Mount from Amazon UK. The third-party wall mounts by Floating Grip is available for £19.99, with a 19 November 2020 release date. The third-party wall mount can help to mount your next-gen PlayStation console easily on your walls.

This doesn’t mean that the PlayStation 5 is releasing on November 19. We can safely expect the release date in that week of November. This leak fits perfectly to the Sony’s already announced holiday 2020 release date. Reporters believe that the video-game console company has started to reveal the release date to the third party manufacturers.

PS5 Specifications

Sony has revealed some details about what to expect in the next-gen gaming console with the reveal trailer. The console will have the new fast-loading SSD and the ray tracing. You can play the 4K games at an impressive 60 fps, and few games can be played in 8K resolution and 120 frames per second. The other notable specs include 8-core 3.5 GHz AMD Zen 2 CPU that comes with a 10.3 teraflop AMD RDNA 2 GPU. As for the memory, the console features 16 GB GDDR6 and custom 825 GB SSD.

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