Apple Watch Series 6 Will Launch on Apple’s September 15 Time Flies Event, NOT the iPhone 12

There have been multiple leaks and reports over the past few months about the potential release date of this year’s Apple products. The reports previously claimed that Apple’s next flagship phone, the iPhone 12 could be delayed by a month due to coronavirus pandemic. Now, the company reportedly announced a live stream event called, Time Flies, scheduled for next week September 15.

Even its usually the time period when the company release new iPhones every year, this year won’t be the same. It’s not the iPhone 12 that is taking the stage on September 15, and it is the next-generation iWatch, the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple Inc. has publicly promised a live stream on September 15 and sent an invitation to the members of media.

However, some members of the media have received a special invitation, where they get to know what is about to go down in the live stream event. The September 15 event starts streaming at 1 PM Eastern Time, or 10 AM PDT. A report from Bloomberg states that during the event, the company will showcase the upcoming iWatch, not the iPhone 12.

The report also mentioned that the Cupertino will just mention about the iPhone on Sept. 15. Still, the company plans to ship the iPhone 12 next month in October, or even conduct another live stream, especially for the flagship phone. Apart from the iPhone, there could be several other Apple products featuring on the event.

Apple Watch Series 6 Features

The next-generation iWatches or the Apple Watch Series 6 will replace the current generation, Apple Watch 5. The reports claim that the current generation of iWatch is going out of stock globally. This would certainly be the right moment to release the next iWatch. The Apple Watch Series 6 would most potentially feature the new wearOS 7.

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The sleep tracking is finally coming to Apple’s smartwatches with wearOS 7 update and the Apple Watch Series 6. The leaks also claimed that the new watch will feature the blood oxygen monitoring, or SpO2). The other features are pretty much the same as the current generation iWatch Series 5.

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