Will Smith CONFIRMS Cobra Kai Season 3 Release Date

Cobra Kai has now officially debuted on the Netflix, and everyone has been asking the same question — when does the Season 3 premiere? Well, you finally might have an answer, thanks to Will Smith. The ‘Ali’ actor, Will Smith — who serves as executive producer in th series — recently confirmed that the show’s third season would premiere on 2021, instead of 2020.

Netflix also dropped the trailer for the Cobra Kai to promote the arrival of first two seasons in the streaming platform. The trailer does some good to fans, as it includes a glimpse for the third season. The streaming giant also promised the third season would return sometime in 2021, but didn’t provide the specifics.


Season 3 arrives in 2021!

The promotion video showed the glimpse of one of the main characters of the series, Danial LaRusso. Danial LaRusso has travelled to the home town of his mentor Okinawa, in Japan. The Karate Kid fans already know this place, as LaRusoo and his mentor, Mr Miyagi travelled the same place in Karate Kid 2.

LaRusso is learning new techniques and even some secrets from his sensei. The Cobra Kai’s second season ends in a disappointing yet interesting situation. An all-out brawl between the students of two dojos erupts in the school. The brawl results in Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) falling from the school’s first level. He is now hospitalized, but that’s not only it. The aftermath of the fight leads to several other events. Johnny has now lost Carmen and the control of his dojo, Cobra Kai. Amanda also asks LaRusso to end Miyagi-Do.

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Daniel may have listened to Amanda and stopped the Miyagi-Do and returned to Okinawa, Japan. Now, the two fallen rivals would probably find peace among each other, work together, face off against Kreese, and bring ultimate peace among students’ families and communities.

YouTube Premium previously premiered the first two seasons of Cobra Kai. The showrunners wanted to renew the fourth season, but YouTube disagreed. Cobra Kai left the platform on May 28, 2020. Netflix reportedly decided to continue the series into few more seasons and dropped first two seasons on August 28, 2020.



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