Call of Duty Mobile ENDS Partnership with Tencent Games, After India Bans PUBG Mobile — and They Have Reasons

Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile has reportedly ended its partnership with the Chinese-based tech-company Tencent Games, and it’s subsidiary Timi Studios. The mobile game dodged the ban in India, due to their early breakup, as several Chinese-based games and apps have been blocked in India.

The Government of India banned 118 apps from the android and iOS platforms citing the threats that these apps posses to national security. The popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile also made the list and has been blocked in the country. The Indian government banned these apps following the border conflict and tensions with the neighbouring country, China.

PUBG wasn’t entirely a Chinese mobile game, it had some significant partnership with the Chinese-based tech company Tencent Games. PUBG Corporation’s connection with the Tencent caused the Indian government to ban the app in the country. But, Call of Duty: Mobile was made by the Tencent Games’ subsidiary Timi Studios, and luckily it wasn’t on the list.

Call of Duty: Mobile didn’t make the list because the game’s publisher Activision has already cut their ties with the Chinese developers, Timi Studios. When a player played COD: Mobile previously, they could see the logo of Activision, Tencent, and Timi Studios, but now you can see only one — Activision. Activision even issued the reasons why they decided to part ways with Tencent Games.

Activision has the reason to end their relationship with Tencent  — and it is justifiable!

The first major reason is due to Donald Trump’s executive order against Tencent Games. The president of the United States recently issued an executive order to prevent any transaction with Tencent Games. The order prevents the US citizens and US companies to make any transaction with Tencent and its subsidiaries. Activation is an American company and they would love not to have any issues with the American government.

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The other reason is — plagiarism. The reports emerged that the PUBG Mobile has been copying several contents from the COD: Mobile. Fans and players even have noticed several contents similar to Call Of Duty: Mobile in the PUBG: Mobile. Activision reported that they want to create such contents that live up to the standard of their popular console games.

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