Samsung Lowers The Entry Level For The Cheapest 5G Smartphones in India, and This One Comes With A Trio Wireless Charger

Samsung recently held its own virtual conference called “Life’s Unstoppable.” The company announced its mid ranges A series device. Their tagline for this new mobile device is ‘Leading the 5G Revolution.” Not many details have been revealed. But all the details that have been revealed are below.

Here’s What We Know About This Upcoming Device

  • It will be rocking a 6.6 inch OLED screen. Along with next-gen connectivity
  • According to Samsung, it will have a “Unique Modern Design”
  • It will have a quad camera at the back.
  • A single-lens teardrop camera for the front camera in the centre of the display.
  • It will be available in only one colour, and that is black.

It is not clear how much this device will cost, but it is widely expected that this device will undercut one of Samsungs most reasonable costed devices, The Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, which costs a very reasonable amount, and that is only $508.02.

So we’re expecting this to be somewhere around $425 to $500, but we could also be incredibly wrong. That is something that will only be revealed when the phone is launched.

What is Wireless Charger Trios?

The trios wireless charger is the successor to the Wireless Charger Duos, which just as the name suggests, is a wireless charger which charges three devices simultaneously, so the multiplug chargers are unnecessary.

Samsung hasn’t revealed how fast the charger will be, or how man watts does it provide to each device which is very necessary yo know since that was the biggest drawback of the charger which supported multiple devices. The charging device will retail for $117, roughly.

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The Wireless Charger will also be able to charge the brand new Samsung tablet, The Galaxy Tab A7.

What does the Galaxy Tab A7 hold

The Samsung Galaxy tab is a 10.4-inch tablet, which has four Dolby Atmos speakers. Just like the other products in this article, Samsung is yet to reveal the price of the product during its presentation. Samsung’s Tab S7 Tablet series, which was announced last month at its Note 20 Unpacked Event, is, however, it is suspected to be expensive than this upcoming tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 features four speakers.

What is 5G?

Now that we’ve learnt all that there is to learn about the upcoming phone as well as the tablet. We need to move on to learning what these devices are actually being advertised for- 5G.

These days, everyone has 4G, everyone knows what 4G is, and all the phones support it. But 4G is now too slow for the fast world that we live in. While 4G was a huge step in what is now the faster download speeds, video buffering etc, 5G has the capability to take that speed and video buffering speed to a level that is unheard of.

There are two types of 5G, and both of them are better than 4G, trust me. 5G—5G mmWave and 5G sub-6. While both of them are better than their predecessor, 4G, both of them have completely different strengths and can take you to experience mind-blowing levels of connection speed.

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