Labor Day Sales Are Here! Brands Are Giving A Huge Discount On 4K Televisions. Save up to $1000!

Labour Day Weekend is coming up, and we could not be more excited. Every year, there are huge sales to surprise us, and retailers are lining outside their doors to make sure we empty our pockets. During this quarantine, and the COVID 19 pandemic that is going on, many people have stayed at home. The most common thing people have done (apart from scrolling social media) is to watch some Netflix. What better way to watch your favourite (on any streaming service) other than television? After all, it provides everything you ask for, a huge screen, high volume, and most importantly, the comfort of your couch.
Labour Day Weekend Sales is the perfect time to get a 4K television. Ant that too by some of the biggest players in the market. Though it is super exciting to get a new television, there are a few points to be considered while buying one.

Points To Be Considered While Buying A New Television

  1. Decide where your new television is going.
  2. Decide the size of the television, and make sure it will fit in the space you’ve decided to keep it in. No one likes an oversized television, which does not fit.
  3. Consider whether you want a 4K television or a 1080p. (The former, provides a better viewing experience but is a lot more expensive than the latter. Even during the sale)
  4. A few other features like HDR can boost your visual experience.
  5. If you’re looking for brighter colours, and a thinner television, consider opting for an OLED or a QLED television, and not an LED television.
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While there are several other minute points that one has to consider while buying a television. Points like budget, and weight etc. The above-listed points are a few points which are generally forgotten while purchasing a television.

Top 3 Televisions Which Are A Total Steal, And Will Probably Never Be Cheaper Than This.

1. LG 75 Inch, UN 8500 UHD Smart TV webOS TV (Best Buy)

Best buy is offering a huge discount on this particular television. They have offered a $380 off, bringing it down to $1,099.99 from $1,429.99. Not only this. This television also offers a 75-inch display for the entire family to enjoy. With this television, piling in front of the television, or even sitting right in front of it is not necessary anymore.

That’s not all. This television also provides booming sound with its Dolby Atmos speakers, and voice control which is very useful when the remote is hidden somewhere between the couch cushions.

2. LG 65-Inch Class GX Series (Best Buy)

This television offers something everyone wants these days. Bright visuals and a thin and sleek television. It uses LG’s technology to bring you a variety of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. This television costs a $2799 after a 13% discount from its original price of $3199. Thanks to the 65-inch model, if this size doesn’t fit in your space, a variety of smaller sizes of the same television are available.

3.Toshiba 55-Inch Smart FireTV Edition (Best Buy)

This television sits at $379.99 after the discount from the original price of $449.99. Toshiba has been known for offering a variety of pocket-friendly televisions over the years. This time they’re offering a FireTV version of high-quality television. It is a 4K resolution television which uses HDR to make sure it delivers bright colours. The FireTV features an array of paid movies on a huge screen and is one of these models more top selling points.

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