Google Launches a New Chromebook And It Has The Coolest Codename EVER! Find Out Everything About This New Addition To The Laptop Family!

Google is on its way to releasing a new Laptop. However, it is unclear which laptop series successor is it going to be. Will it be the successor to the well known 2017’s Pixelbook, or the newly released PixelbookGo. The codename for this device is ‘Halvor’, and it was leaked. Google hasn’t released much about the laptop, apart from the codename, but is a fair estimation that it will run on Intel’s brand new ‘Tiger Lake Platform’. So far nothing is set in stone, it is however just an assumption So don’t get too excited and raise your expectations only to have it come crashing down. Though that isn’t usually the case in regards to Google.
Some of the nicest laptop designs belong to Google and Apple. Although many companies are attempting to copy, no one can be as good as the original.

Leaked Specifications

According to Chrome Unboxed, a few of the device specifications have been leaked. They say that the codename ‘Halvor’ was observed in Chrome Code Repository.

So far the rumours say that the Halvor laptop is being built on Intel’s brand new ‘Tiger Lake Platform’. This should offer better speed, a better battery life, and better overall performance compared to other Google laptops. The chipset also supports USB 4.0 and 4K.

There is also a very specific reason Chrome Unboxed thinks this information is related to the upcoming Google laptop is because of the mention of the voice assistant button, that is only available on Google Chromebooks.

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Google Pixel Keyboard

That is all of the information that is available about Google ‘Halvor’. It also makes a lot of sense for Google to be working on a new laptop since both of its previously launched laptops: PixelbookGo(2019) and Pixelbook(2017) received relatively positive reviews. Its been a while since both of those laptops have been released.

When Will It Be Released?

With a few exceptions like Pixel Slate, Google is known to release a new laptop every other year since the year 2013. Based on the release statistics of Google, this new laptop is not expected to launch before the year, 2021.

Furthermore, Intel has not even announced its ‘Tiger Lake’ Series, 11th Gen processors. While this specific announcement is rumoured to be made next month, Chromebooks aren’t exactly the first ones to launch laptops with a new processor.

Apart from this, it is also rumoured that Halvor is in the initial stages of its development. Meaning as of right now, the keyboard layout is being designed, and as an assumption, it could be very similar to Chromebook’s keyboard design.

What is The Name ‘Halvor’?

Now that we have read about all the leaked specs of the upcoming Google Halvor, it is time to know where does this laptop name come from? Halvor is the name of a minor character from the Spyro series. In simple terms, Chromebook is built on a “baseboard” called “Volteer.” Another Spyro reference, check. This uses Intel’s upcoming 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors. Comparatively, Pixel Slate and Pixelbook Go use 8th Gen Intel Amber Lake processors.

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The minor character Halvor from the game Spyro.

It is known that Google Halvor will have all three, a keyboard, a touchpad, and a touchscreen. All of these features point to a clamshell laptop design like Pixelbook Go or convertible to a tablet like the original Pixelbook.

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