Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock & his Family Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Millions of people have been affected or infected with the global coronavirus pandemic. Over the months, several high-profile personalities, and celebrities have tested positive for the COVID-19. Some have defeated the virus and are normal while some are still battling out. The recent popular celebrity to have tested positive for the virus is the retired professional wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Jumanji actor revealed on Wednesday that he, along with his entire family had tested positive for the coronavirus. He then added that his family will now self-isolate and implement strict rules while socializing. The 48-year-old actor announced the disturbing news through his Instagram account and mentioned that his wife, Lauren and two daughters caught the virus.


Baywatch actor revealed that the virus has been causing a lot of problems to the adults than the children. His daughters have mild fevers and mild symptoms. While the family tested positive for the virus about three weeks ago, and he only revealed on Wednesday. Johnson claimed that he had gone into some doozies in the past, but this situation has been the most challenging. He said that the situation has been difficult since he is a family man and had to endure as a family.

The Johnsons are now no more contagious!

Fast Five actor mentioned that he and the family have got in the other end of the virus, meaning they are now healthier and no more contagious. He called the coronavirus is an insidious as he has seen his friends losing their family members and loved ones. Johnson said that a close family friend — who had no idea that he was positive — spread the virus to the Johnsons. He mentioned that the friend felt terribly sorry after realising the entire Johnson family tested positive for the virus.

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The actor suggested implementing strong discipline while calling your friends over your house. The Rock recently teased his appearance as Black Adam in the upcoming Black Adam movie during DC’s virtual fan event, called the DC Fandome. While the release of Black Adam is still far away, he would first appear in Jungle Cruise and Red Notice alongside Ryan Reynolds.

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