Colorful launches Graphics cards designs for Ampere: Check out these new designs

The partners of the AIB are prepping to launch new design models for the Nvidia Ampere GeForce RTX 3000 series of graphics cards.

Colorful is already geared up with five graphics cards line up for Ampere. The five graphics cards namely the Vulcan, Neptune, Advanced, Ultra and NB series cards. They bring out amazing designs just right for the Thermal Design Power (TDP) ratings of the Ampere.

So, let us start on this journey.

The Vulcan

The Vulcan graphics card series includes a conspicuous aspect which is the 480 mm x 120 mm LCD multi-function display which amazingly, can be flipped up to 90 degrees for both horizontal graphics setups as well as vertical graphics setups. Displaying JPG images, GIFs and hardware monitoring of info for example GPU temperature. The screen can do all these tasks.

It comes with RGB LED highlights on the front part of the card and includes a triple fan cooler design.

The Vulcan Ampere graphics card is also includes a screwdriver, a GPU brace, and a microfiber cloth for the purpose of cleaning the display.

Neptune Series

Secondly, let us have a glance at the Neptune series.

The 240 mm AIO design which cools the graphics card with liquid is a pretty cool feature of this series. You can see an RGB ring in the center which is in fact, mirror surfaced. Along with sleeved tubes the fittings can be rotated up to a full 360 degrees. Similar to the Vulcan, this also comes with a screwdriver and a GPU brace.

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Advanced series

The key feature of the Neptune series is Colorful’s Silver Shark 3.0 Cooling Engine. It includes a screwdriver and a GPU brace too.

With a black and silver finish and an RGB ring at the center fan. This graphics card series is a huge triple slot cooler design.

Ultra series

This graphics cards series is among the one of a kind designs by Colorful.

The main highlight is the fully RGD mirror like finish. It is a definitely a triple-slot fan design however there is a difference in the fan sizes. As opposed to the equally sized fans, the centre fan has a diameter of 80 mm while the outer fans have a diameter of 90 mm each.

NB series

The NB series is more of a fresh and a new design. This is also a triple fan cooler design, just like the others.

The card includes black and red colours and absolutely no RGB.

In addition to all these, Colorful also unveiled its very own GPU monitoring system and also an overclocking tool.

The application allows you to scrutinize the temperatures of the CPU and the GPU and clock speeds. Plus, it also lets you to analyze the Wi-Fi speeds, fan speeds and RAM frequency.

As of now, there has been no information on the price tags and the launch date. This remarkable piece of news has got you excited isn’t it? Stay tuned.




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