Apple Glasss: The New AR Glasses Coming NEXT Year, Features, Release Date, Prices

Apple Inc. will release brand new smartphones and gadgets later this year, including iPhones 12, Apple Watch Series 6, and Airpods Studio. There is another innovative project that the company has been secretly doing with hundreds of employees. Macrumors reported that the Cupertino had formed a team of employees to work in the next-generation virtual and augmented reality projects.

The leakers constantly search Apple’s patent filings and decode what the company has been working on. The recent patent filing revealed that the company has been working on futuristic wearable, also called the Apple Glass. A prominent Apple leaker — with an impressive track record — recently revealed that the company is working on an AR smart glasses, called the Apple Glasses.

The AR Glasses looks like normal glasses or sunglasses but will feature several features. The most striking feature would be the interactive display feature. A user can interact with the two lenses with various scripted gestures. A user can buy two types of APple Glasses, one with prescription and others with no prescription. Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple expert, claims that the Apple glasses will serve as an accessory to the upcoming iPhones.

The Apple Glasses will later help to create the lightweight and slim iPhones in future. Prosser even reported that we could assume how those next-gen wearable look like. He says that the Apple AR glasses will either be like Rayban wayfarers or like Tim Cook’s glass. Apple Glasses will run on the brand new operating system called glassOS or the Starboard. Bloomberg has reported that they will run on rOS, also called reality operating system.

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Apple Glasses: Release Date

We have multiple release dates from the most prominent leakers. Jon Prosser claims the March-June 2021 release date for the upcoming Apple Glasses. Bloomberg, on the other hand, claims to have seen an internal presentation from Apple and suggested 2023 release date. And finally, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported a 2022 release date, at the earliest.

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