Samsung Galaxy S21 Will Feature the New Smaller and Faster RAM Chips; Release Date, Price, Specifications, and Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S21 series or the Samsung Galaxy S30 won’t arrive until the South Korean release Samsung Galaxy Note 20. However, the developers have already commenced their works on the new flagship phones. Samsung Galaxy S20 is an amazing phone with an incredible camera, but its expensive price tag and launch issues downgraded the public’s perception on the phone.

Samsung’s next Galaxy S smartphones are certainly on the way, so does the rumours and leaks. There has been alot of confusion regarding the name of the phone, whether to call the phone Samsung Galaxy S21 or the Samsung Galaxy S30. One of the prominent leakers, Ice Universe has recently claimed that the new Samsung Galaxy S phone will be called Samsung Galaxy S21, instead of Samsung Galaxy S30.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Recent Leaks, Reports:

Samsung Galaxy S21 is a minor update from the company to challenge the upcoming iPhone 12. The upcoming phone will not feature major upgrades, only a few updates enough to challenge the iPhone 12. A new major report reveals that the company is planning to kill its Note series. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature the S Pen, which was exclusive to Galaxy Note. The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy S20 was its incredible 108 MP camera, with 10x lossless zoom. The company will now upgrade their best-ever camera to the next-level in S21.

Moreover, a killer S21 upgrade has been making noises around the internet — the 16GB RAM chips. These RAM chips are comparatively smaller and faster than any of the available chips up till now. The recent reports hinted that the company has begun the process of mass-manufacturing of these RAM chips. The new RAM chips are called 16GB LPDDR5 RAM chips. These RAM chips are made using a brand new technology — extreme ultraviolet technology — that has been seen the first time while building mobile phones.

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Samsung reported that these chips are so fast that a user can transfer 51 GB of data in just one second. Samsung will allow several other mobile phone companies to use these chips, apart from their own phones. New RAM chips are reportedly 30% thinner than the LPDDR5 that is available at the market. Not only the phones but this ground-breaking innovation from Samsung will also feature in the automobile tech as well.

If Samsung plans to go by the similar time-frame as previous phones, then we can assume the new Galaxy will release in February/March 2021.




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