OnePlus comes out with the brand new OxygenOS 11, critics suspect similarities to Samsung’s One UI. 


OnePlus is reportedly soon going to pull out the new OxygenOS 11. OnePlus is going to replace this OS in all of its new gadgets. OnePlus also gave the first look to their OS. There are many new things added and the OS overall looks pretty interesting. But, there are some speculations about the features of OxygenOS 11 being very similar to Samsung’s One UI. OnePlus has given many statements regarding the course and the main thought behind the creation of this new operating system. 

OnePlus’s Stand:

As stated by OnePlus spokespersons, it is very obvious to add new features to the inventory Android UI. The smartphone companies have now to give new evidence related to the thought course behind this new UI design. According to OnePlus, Inventory Android is, an excellent start which includes extra options on high makes the expertise better. OnePlus has stated that as the new generation of smartphones and other devices are coming with the increased size of the screen that makes the white useless space on the screen to increase too. Hence, smartphone brands need to utilize white space more. So, OnePlus tried to do the same, by making use of that large screen and also keeping the interface more user friendly. 

Oxygen OS vs One UI: A thorough comparison of the two popular Android skins - The Tech Of Tomorrow


With bringing out its new OS, OnePlus aims to make the large-screen phone more handy and easy to use with one hand. The company has studied the usage pattern of smartphones of an individual. They came up with the best usage of the screen for one-handed use. 

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Now the audience may not like the way it looks, but that look is only to make it more convenient. This may be the reason for this OS to look like the Samsung One UI, which too includes a number of aspects that focus on one-handed usage. 

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