Motorola Razr 2: All New Leaks, Rumors, Release Date, Specifications, Price, and More

Motorola tried to impress with the reboot of the original Motorola Razr from the 2000ss, but they failed to impress us. The new Motorola Razr basically was a modern turnover of the original phone. The device didn’t garner much of public attention and suffered a lot in the commercial market.

Even though with the failure of the first-generation Motorola Razr, the company reportedly took the risk and released Motorola Razr 2. The Motorola Razr failed in almost every way, but the makers are confident that they will introduce a better and improved Razr, with 5G connectivity.

Motorola Razr 2: Release Date and Price

The General Manager of Lenovo South Africa, Thibault Dousson, recently spoke to Reframe Tech and shared a cryptic message regarding the release date. He reportedly said there is one Motorola phone coming in September. Yes, Razr 2 is in the development, but Doussaon’s words might not actually refer to the same device.

Motorola also teased a new phone on August 12 but didn’t specifically mention the name of Razr 2. However, the company did suggest to expect a new flip the smartphone experience. If we put this two stuff together, then we can conclude that Motorola really wanted to tease about the second-generation Razr.

But, in June Ross Young stated the coronavirus situation might delay the release of a new smartphone. He even tweeted and mentioned that Razr 2 wouldn’t potentially arrive until 2021. Motorola priced the first-generation Razr to $1500, which was an expensive number. Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at $1,380, with better cameras and resolution, which attracted more customers than Razr. Razr 2 may fall within the price range of $1000- $1199 if it aims to stay in the market.

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Motorola Razr 2: Specs

XDA Developers gathered tons of information regarding the Razr 2 in early 2020. The device would most probably feature Snapdragon 765 system,  supporting the sub-6GHz 5G networks. The battery capacity may be around 2,845 mAh, while the rear cameras may have 48 megapixels sensors and the front may have 20 megapixels sensors.





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