League Of The Legends Reveals a New Spin Off Table Top Game: Find Out Everything About How Does It Work, Easter Eggs, and What Challenges The Developers Had To Overcome!

This Leauge of Legends expansion is super unexpected. It is a board game called Tellstones. This game as developed by Riot and this isn’t their first venture into board games. That first venture has already released and is successful. The board game is none other than 2016’s Mechs vs Minions.

However, what sets Tellstones apart from the other game is that it is a game set within the franchise’s expansive fantasy realm.
“We portray Tellstones as a game that’s played in Runeterra, as part of their history and culture in the same way that chess or mancala have ancient roots in our world,” explains Greg Street. The VP of Riot’s IP and entertainment.


How does it Work?

The developer hasn’t revealed how the game will work yet, but a teaser or a trailer might be on its way soon. Guess that is something we will have to hold onto our hats for. Tellstones seems to be a competition about techniques and trickery. The players have to recollect their order to token, and likewise, trick their opponents into forgetting about them.
It is nothing similar to Riot’s first board came which was a complex and tremendous affair. However, the smaller scale matches with the story Riot is trying to inform. The form of factor folks would carry around the historical Tellstones games.
“We portray a lot of that feeling through the artwork and the materials,” explained Street. The crew at Riot have made it a point that they’ll make high-quality games, which will last a very long time. The developers have managed to create a fascinating downside to the game, which challenged them immensely. ‘How do you make a brand new sport that’s meant to be historical?’ They asked themselves and came up with this game.

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Easter Eggs About The Game

The Riot crew has reportedly used delicate storytelling software, and they’ve left us with an example!

Tokens, Blue And White might be featured in the Tellstones trailer. That is a small hint right there about how the game will be played. “Those tokens are what that is going to be shipped within the ultimate model, however, it’s additionally a regional variant of the sport. The version that we’re shipping is the Demacia version, and we talked a lot about what the symbols that Demacia put on their tokens look like,” Street explains, about one in every of League’s extra militaristic kingdoms. “Presumably in Ionia or other parts of the world they might look different.”

Challenges Faced By The Developers

Worldbuilding has become a significant part of the game League of Legends over the previous years. Its been ten years since The League of Legends first debuted. There are several in-universe tasks within the works. According to Street, who joined the Riot developers in 2014, after, serving as lead program designer on World of Warcraft, there have been three phases to the storytelling of League. At the start, they had absolutely no idea in which direction they should head; since an alternative, and possible better path was available in almost every direction. Slowly but steadily, the crew of Riots started to construct extra narrated parts into expertise.

“Then we got a little scared, honestly,” Street says. “We have this great IP, now there’s nowhere to go but down. We can screw this up if we make bad products if we tell bad stories if we’re inauthentic. So we were nervous for a while. I think we’re getting our confidence to the point where we’re OK experimenting now. That’s why we have plans for comic books and novels and games and our animated series, all telling the world outside of just the League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra games.”

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Final Thoughts

Tellstones is one of the rare games which completely matches its philosophy inside out. It is an interesting piece of folklore, which is promised to keep the gamers hooked for hours at a stretch. It is a method including depth to the fantasy they already know and love.

“We think that there are a lot of people out there who would love League of Legends, and love Runeterra, and maybe a MOBA isn’t for them,” says Street. “We want to make sure there are ways for them to enter the world.”

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