Girl, 3, waisted around by a giant kite and flew in Sky in Taiwan survived

About Taiwan Festival

Taiwan is located in the Eastern part of Asia. Taiwan is one of the densely populated countries of India. Many different festivals usually happen in Taiwan. Among them, the most important festivals include the Lantern festival, Yenshui fireworks festival, Dragon boat festival, etc. Similarly, Taiwan was hosting a famous festival in its city when a mysterious scene happened.

Girl caught in Tail of giant kite

We would have seen so many sky riding where sky riders do interesting aerial lift and other horrifying exercises on the sky. One such incident has happened in Taiwan where a 3-year-old girl was caught by mistake in the tail end of the kite and was flew in the air for around 30 seconds.

This video footage was posted on social media and it became viral in a few moments. The video footage shows the girl flying nearly about 30mtrs above the ground in the sky. Then the kite was slowly brought down from the flying air and the child was safely landed on the ground.

Official’s explanation:

On enquiring with the officials of the Taiwan festival, it was understood that the winds were very wild and hence the giant big kite was entangled at the tail end of the kite. The spectators were frightened for a few moments until the child was safely brought down from the flying air.

This agony made the officials of the Taiwan festival interrupt the festival halfway ending it soon. After the girl was brought down, the girl was enquired and then identified by the surname Lin. Lin was surrounded then by speculators to soothe her and she was then seen with very minor injuries.

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The distress caused by the near-disaster persuaded organizers to cut short the festival in Hsinchu city in northwestern Taiwan. The official of the Hsinchu city government official felt very sad and informed the media that an unexpected huge wind at the site made the kite to surround the girl’s waist and made her fly high as she could not remove it from her waist.

More than millions of people saw this video in a few minutes and it became viral all around the world. The Taiwan officials have to answer for all the questions about this negligence happened and how the child flew high without noticing her. They explained in detail about the strong winds which made the kite waist the little girl around before she was made to fly high. They explained that they will take care to avoid these kinds of situations in the future.

It is very important to safeguard your children whenever you go out. Parents have to take care of little children very carefully. Else, these kinds of tragic incidents might happen. Since the girl succumbed to minor injuries, there is no problem. If she has met with a tragic accident, then the parent’s negligence is the one reason for this. So, it is essential to keep the utmost care to all children.

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