Google Maps has started to show traffic lights at intersection

Google Maps has now been showing traffic lights at intersections on a wider basis than before.

A lot of people use Google maps daily for finding location and route leading to it.  And now to help us further Google is going to show traffic lights at intersections. Google has been testing this feature for a long time. But now it looks like Google has launched it on a wider basis. Few people in some US cities have reported this feature.

However, Google doesn’t show the status of the light. We hope that in the coming future, Google manages to implement this feature. Still, only showing traffic lights can also prove helpful as people will be able to plan their journey by considering the lights.

Not available for everyone yet                                                                      

This feature isn’t available for everyone yet. It seems like there is a small group of people who have been given access to this feature to test it. Let’s hope Google launches it fast for everyone.

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