Facebook reportedly trying out an account linking tool to keep subscribers signed in to News websites

Facebook is a consistent and trustworthy platform where you can access to many news websites and articles. The reason why most news websites keep badgering us to get a subscription is obvious. The journalists must be paid for their effort.

But the problem here is that it is very maddening to keep signing in every single time you access an article through Facebook though you are subscribed to it.

Improved Facebook News Experience

Therefore, to resolve this issue Facebook is putting some account-linking ideas/tools to the test. If this succeeds, a single login will be sufficient and Facebook shall keep you in mind the next time you access a link from that particular website or publication. This allows you to read paywalled articles and you do not have to keep logging in over and over again. Facebook will show more articles and information from the channels that they subscribed on their Newsfeeds.

What did the findings prove?

Facebook actually tested out this linking of accounts theory in June. And in the previous week, it revealed the results of the early tests. Moreover, the findings show that people who had linked-accounts had an average of 110 percent more article clicks compared to those who did not have linked-accounts. Plus, there was a leap from 34 percent to a whopping 97 percent increase in the followers of the publishers’ Facebook page/account amongst subscribers with linked accounts.

AJC’s senior director for emerging products and experimentation, Mr. Nunzio Michael Lupo stated as follows, “The number of Atlanta Journal-Constitution subscribers who have linked their accounts has grown significantly since we launched this, as is their engagement with AJC content from Facebook”.

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Some news publishers like The Winnipeg Free Press and The Athletic checked out this feature. And they expressed that it gave them easy access to their work while using the social media platform.

Christian Panson, the VP of Digital at Winnipeg Free Press said that they expect more interaction with the customers. This ensures customer satisfaction and less customer support.

Right now, Facebook is including more members into the testing group. And it is working to quantify how this feature will alter customer preservation. Also, the company is planning a tool that would let the users link their subscriptions on the news websites.

Facebook has released this feature in the US and plans to get bigger by implementing this latest feature in other countries in a few months.


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