It was 11:30 am when fire shots were heard in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles near a pro-trump rally. Police were called near the area of Ventura Boulevard near Kelvin Avenue at 11:26 am.


  • No injuries reported as such.
  • Many witness reported seeing someone on a nearby balcony with a gun.
  • That section of Ventura Boulevard was shut down, rally was stopped immediately.
  • The police searched the apartment buildings for three men following the witness reports that someone may have fired a shot at a car caravan.
  • A police helicopter circled the area overhead and alerted the public to stay indoors.
  • A school bus also made its way by putting up banners and pleas to reopen the schools during the pandemic.

The rally groups traveled all the way woodland hills to studio city in cars with people playing the American national anthem and pro-trump signs and banners. They also kept chanting “four more years of trump”.

A woman who wasn’t a rally participant told the police she heard gunfire and then saw that a car tire had been punctured by the gun. As they witness claimed that they saw a man with a gun in a balcony, police entered that apartment after several hours of shut down and found the apartment to be empty.

There are no reported suspects as of yet and the investigations are still going on. The rally was mostly peaceful until three men were caught on camera throwing bottles at the caravan followed by the gunshots. A SWAT team was immediately called to 20568 Ventura Boulevard after the three men were seen running into an apartment and refused to come out. The situation lead to a standoff. The team was finally able to make an entry at around 5:30 pm but no one was found, as reported by the LAPD.

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Despite this incident, majority was still seen actively participating in the rally with banners, cars and also thanking the police for their services. Meanwhile, across the street black lives matter protesters were also actively involved in speaking out for racial equality in US and also help the police accountable.

It was also reported, that six people were arrested and a police officer was injured when the peaceful demonstration racial justice turned violent.

Trump supporters say that they will continue to hold more rallies going further into 2020 election, in this incident no one was injured but the police are still investigating and looking for suspects.

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